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Sometimes, your dentist is not really your dentist.

For example, at most dental offices, if you need braces you are sent to a new orthodontist. If you need dentistry for your kids, you are tasked with finding a pediatric dentist. If you need a root canal, you’re referred to an endodontist. Each time you’re in a new dental office, surrounded by new people.

When we founded Dental Concepts and Orthodontists, part of our mission was to create a one-stop source for all of your dental care needs. We are the only full-service dental office in Salinas. In fact, we’re the only one as far as Monterey and Santa Cruz as well.

We want to be there for your entire family – from your children to your parents – and know that if you need any additional dental help, you’ll be in the same office with another of our talented dentists.

Benefits of One-Stop Dental Care

Creating a dental office that is focused on your entire family (and all your dental care needs) is not just a business decision. It’s also something that is beneficial to our patients. This type of approach to dentistry offers several advantages, including:

  • One Office for the Whole Family – We offer pediatric dental care, dental care for seniors, and of course adult dental care. That means just one number to call to schedule all of your appointments, and a single address to remember when it is time for a visit.
  • Easier to Get Care – There are often hoops to jump through with insurance, travel, scheduling, and more when you need to find a new dental office for different types of dental care. Because we all work together, seeing a specialist is as simple as switching chairs.
  • Comfort and Relaxation – We know that some people struggle with dental anxiety. That struggle can also lead to worse outcomes, and make it less likely you call for your next visit. Keeping all of these services in-house means that you can grow accustomed to our office, meet our people, and feel the comfort that comes from being part of our dental family.
  • Better for Children – As they grow, children often need to see many different dentists, including one as a young child, one as a teenager, and another as an adult. That doesn’t include other issues like braces, which are more common during the younger years. This type of frequent change can be stressful for children and may lead to future dental anxiety. Our one-stop shop means that your child can stay with us throughout their entire life.

Above all else, the best dentist is one that you are happy to visit every 6 months – or whenever a dental challenge arises. With all of our talented dentists available and friendly staff, you’ll always feel at home here and ready to care for your dental health needs.

Contact us today at 831-443-3633 to schedule your appointment or simple CLICK HERE.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.