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Cosmetic Dentist Salinas

Whether you need a dental implants, white fillings, or veneers, Dental Concepts has a staff of dentists with years of experience ready to help you to increase your self confidence with a beautiful new smile!  Our cosmetic dentist office is full of the latest cosmetic dentistry technology and we are experts in all of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Our office is aesthetically designed for maximizing comfort and reducing anxiety. We have state of the art sterilization so you can rest easy knowing we are dedicated to your safety.

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Tooth Colored Fillings in Salinas, CA

Fillings are done to remove decay and replace affected tooth structure. It is called filling because new material fills in the hole that decay left. Today most teeth are treated with bonded tooth colored composite resin fillings. Caught early enough, cavities can be treated easily and painlessly.

Veneers/Bonding in Salinas, CA

Veneers are a dental procedure in which a covering is placed over the outside (visible area) of the tooth. Veneers are usually only done to the part of the teeth that are visible when talking or smiling. This technique usually involves two appointments because the veneers will be fabricated at a dental...

Dental Implants in Salinas, CA

A dental implant is an option to replace a missing tooth. In this procedure, a small titanium shaft is surgically implanted into the bone and allowed to heal. The bone grows around it forming a tight connection, which additionally slows or stops the bone loss that occurs when the root of a natural tooth...

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