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There are so many advantages to permanent crowns, that they have become the go-to procedure for a variety of different treatments. They cover fillings, they can be used to restore teeth, and they have cosmetic benefits for chipped or missing teeth.

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You need to know that crowns are also designed to fit your bite perfectly. They are shaped like normal teeth, and designed specifically for your mouth. But sometimes these crowns – particularly new crowns – can feel uncomfortable or uneven, almost like something is wrong. Crowns are supposed to feel like normal, heathy teeth, so it’s understandable to feel concerned when your crown feels off.

How Long Has it Been?

Before you worry, know that there is an adjustment period to any crown. It often takes two, maybe even three or four days to adjust to having this new crown in your mouth. If it feels uneven for the first two or three days, that’s a normal part of having a new crown. But if it still feels uneven after four days, then it may be something to address.

What Does Your Dentist Say?

If your crown continues to feel uneven, there’s nothing else to do at home. Your next step is to contact call us at 831-443-3633 and schedule an appointment.

If it still feels uneven, the problem may have been caused by the inability to test the crown when it was in place. You’re numbed during the crown procedure, and that means that it’s not always possible to test the bite to see whether or not it fits perfectly and comfortably, which would have been ideal if it was able to occur during the procedure.

Luckily, it is usually an easy process, especially if you call early. We’ll look at your bite again, see where there are inconsistencies, and then alter the crown while it’s in your mouth to make sure it fits. The process takes only a very short amount of time and then you can go back home.

What if I’m Also in Pain?

While we wish we could install crowns perfectly every time for our patients, we have to wait until the numbing wears off to know how it feels in your mouth. That means that it may feel imperfect in the beginning, and we will help reshape it after it is installed.

But what about if there is also pain?

Pain can cause people to worry that the crowns may not have been installed correctly, or may have damaged a root. But that is rarely the case. Most pain experienced after a crown has been placed in the mouth is caused by that same trouble with the bite. Bites are expected to distribute pressure throughout the teeth and jaw, so if the placement of the crown isn’t fitting correctly, the pressure may be concentrated onto a specific spot in the mouth.

So if your crown feels off, you’re not alone. It happens after these types of procedures. But know that you can call Dental Concepts and Orthodontics in Salinas, and we will fix your crown in a few minutes so your bite is back to normal. Contact us today to get started. 831-443-3633