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It’s the holiday season. For many people, that means that you’re going to be eating and enjoying more sweets and candies than usual – from new candies for the Christmastime season to the older candies that have been sitting in a bucket since Halloween and are starting to look even more delicious.It should come as little surprise that candies are bad for your teeth. While it’s okay to enjoy some candy here and there, all sugar-rich candies can cause your teeth and gums to grow bacteria and develop cavities. But what you may not know is that some candies are worse for your teeth than others. The following are some of the most problematic holiday candies.

Candies that Are More Likely to Damage Teeth

  • Candy Canes – Candy canes are one of the worst holiday candies for your dental health. They are almost entirely sugar. They are sticky. They also tend to be sucked upon for minutes or hours on end, with a steady supply of sticky sugar getting on your teeth.
  • Caramels – Caramel, and other sticky and chewy candies, are also both common during the holidays and particularly bad for teeth. They are also almost pure sugar, and because they stick to the teeth, they may not be easily washed away with saliva or missed with brushing. That makes them a risky choice for your teeth, especially in excess.
  • Jawbreakers and Hard Candies – There are hard candies and then there are HARD candies. Some candies are so hard that they’re nearly impossible to chew. Those candies represent a potential danger to your mouth, as they are one of the most common causes of chipped and broken teeth.

In addition, you may want to stay away from some sugary non-candies as well. For example, eggnog is both rich in sugar and has alcohol – both of which are harmful to your teeth and gums.

Better Candies for Teeth

Does this mean that any candies not on the list are okay to eat?

Not necessarily. All candies have sugar, and that sugar can eat away at your enamel and lead to cavities and tooth pain. Chocolate, for example, may not be as sticky and sugar-rich as other candies, but you still want to make sure that you’re brushing and flossing regularly. Eating low sugar candies or other types of sweets (like fruits) will reduce your risk of dental decay.

Still, most foods have the potential to damage your teeth without proper care, and it’s okay to enjoy any candy in moderation – even candy canes. Just make sure that you brush and floss regularly, and schedule your cleanings here at Dental Concepts and Orthodontics. Remember, most dental insurance re-sets on January 1st, so if you’ve been waiting for your cleaning, now is the time to schedule.

Holiday Candies and Dental Health

Holiday candies are a part of the season, and we know that most people are going to have a difficult time refraining from all types of candy. But what you can do is make sure that you’re remembering your dental health as best as possible, skipping an extra candy or two, and making sure that you remember to call for your regular cleaning appointment. Contact Dental Concepts and Orthodontics today to get started.  831.443.3633