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Lighten Your Teeth Instantly With Veneers

Making those teeth look beautiful are an important task.

Having attractive looking teeth can improve self confidence, make you feel better, and improve the way others see you. However, many teeth naturally tarnish and loose their color over the years. Even those who take care of their teeth have trouble maintaining a white smile as they age. It is alright if your teeth do not look perfect. There are simple fixes a dentist can employ to brighten your smile. Veneers are a way to improve your smile without using bleaching tools or other whitening products.

Veneers are a healthy looking covering that is placed on the visible area of the tooth. This makes a tooth’s appearance more aesthetically appealing. There are two methods used to accomplish this. The first method uses bonding to place a resin on the outside of the tooth. The second technique is done in two steps. First, a dentist takes an impression of the teeth and uses temporary veneers. Then, the veneers are made in a laboratory based on the impressions. These veneers are typically made of porcelain or ceramic and are bonded to the teeth.

Veneers are not only used to improve appearance. Veneers are also useful to help repair teeth that are broken, chipped, or likely to crack. No one wants to have visibly broken teeth so veneers are a useful solution. Sometimes veneers are used instead of crowns. Using veneers can be a good decision because less of the tooth has to be removed than when using crowns. Veneers work when there is little tooth left, or there are fillings, so veneers are an excellent way to protect teeth that have been damaged.

Veneers are a long lasting fix to improve a tooth’s appearance. Lasers, bleaching trays, and whitening strips only provide temporary solutions to a permanent problem. The costs of these procedures build up over time and they need to be continually reapplied. Veneers can last anywhere from ten to thirty years. This low hassle solution makes teeth brighter than any store bought whitener could.

Veneers a great investment for anyone who cares about their teeth. You do as much as you can to have a healthy smile but dentists are capable of handling the rest. Your smile matters too much to let it turn yellow. Let a quality dentist give you a bright, shiny smile that will last for years to come.

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