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Thinking About Crowns

Crowns are shaped just like your regular teeth.

The crown will cover over your tooth to give it back it’s natural shape and size. It covers your tooth like a cap and will cover all the way down to your gum line. Crowns can also be made to cover teeth that are severely discolored or even cover up a dental implant that has been put in place.

Crowns over your teeth that have been weakened by decay are a very important part in keeping your mouth and teeth healthy. A crown will help restore the strength to a tooth that has been broken and is too damaged for just a filling to work. Most people will need a crown placed over a tooth that has had root canal work done. When large fillings become worn down and another filling is not possible to be placed in the tooth, then a crown will be used to protect the tooth. When a large cavity is filled a crown might be placed over the tooth for more strength and protection. Crowns will help prevent a weakened tooth from cracking and allow your beautiful smile to shine.

When having a crown placed over a tooth it can not be done in one visit. You will need to have all the decay in the tooth removed first, and the tooth would need to be shaped so the crown will fit properly. An impression of the tooth that needs the crown will need to be formed first. A temporary crown will be placed over your damaged tooth while you are waiting for your permanent crown to be made. The permanent crown will be made of ceramic material or of porcelain witch contains high-strength materials. Some people will have their crowns made of gold for a better looking affect. When you return to get your permanent crown placed over the weakened tooth, it will be adjusted to fit your mouth and then cemented properly into place.

Crowns that are made of porcelain that are fused to metal can match in color to the rest of the teeth in your mouth. For the best natural looking crown the all ceramic or all porcelain crown is the best. For people with metal allergies these crowns are more suitable. These types are not as strong as the porcelain type that is fused to metal and they may wear down other teeth in your mouth faster. For people who need to have their front teeth done with crowns, the all ceramic crowns would look the best.

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